Save your control room from false detections.

Reduce false alarms and improve efficiency in control rooms with Secury360. Our S360 box transforms security systems into high-performance perimeter detection solutions, driving growth and innovation for your control room.

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S360 Box: The reliable partner for control room efficiency

In the world of control room operations, the Secury360 box acts as an advanced alert system, helping to avoid the avalanche of false alarms.

Our advanced alarm system seamlessly integrates with existing camera surveillance systems and transforms them into proactive, high-precision perimeter detection tools that locally filter false alarms before they reach your control room. Our innovative technology allows the team to focus on the real threats, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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No more false alerts thanks to Edge & Cloud AI

In the world of video surveillance, one of the key benefits of Edge computing is the ability to perform advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and deep learning in or near the cameras themselves.

The Edge A.I. gradually learns the terrain, learns and gradually gets better at recognizing intruders. The accuracy increases over time and the number of false alarms decreases continuously until the Secury360 box filters false alarms perfectly. Until then, our cloud A.I. comes to the rescue and once again filters all alarms that get past the box.

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Traditional outdoor detection systems have the disadvantage of generating a huge number of false alarms. Thanks to the double filtering by the Secury360 Edge and Cloud AIs, this is no longer an issue. Or at least not for our monitoring centers!

Marc van de Remoortere, Securitas operations center director

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Secury360's impact on control rooms

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Efficiency through precision

Our S360 box dramatically cuts down on false alarms, significantly lightening the burden for operators and amplifying operational efficiency.

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Revenue growth through collaboration

We offer integration and licensing partnerships that allow control rooms to discover new revenue channels and improve visibility into their operations.

Seamless integration

Secury360 integrates effortlessly into your control room using our sophisticated APIs, and we do the heavy lifting.

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Improved workflow

We also seamlessly integrate VMS systems such as Network Optix so that it fits perfectly with your existing work processes.

With Secury360, you're not just another control room - you're a pioneer in the ever-changing world of security operations.

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Prices are simple. And transparent.

Our prices are clear, fair & set up with the customer in mind. Besides our fair prices, we offer every customer Warranty360. This means that we refund the full insurance franchise if there is a burglary with Secury360 installed.

monthly per camera
  • Pay only for the cameras
  • Automatically linked to our global, certified community
  • Switch your cameras on and off with the app or your alarm system.
for the module
  • Link up to six cameras to a module
  • State-of-the-art technology on board
  • Use various additional inputs and outputs to create additional zones
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