Embrace the future of security distribution

Discover a whole new world of distribution opportunities with Secury360. As a distributor, you are the lifeline for installers pushing the boundaries of security innovation. Secury360 is more than just a product; it opens the door to shaping the future of security technology and propelling your business to unprecedented heights.

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Reach new revenue peaks with the S360 box

Take a transformational journey in distribution with the Secury360 Box. It goes beyond just a security solution; it is the gateway to sustainable revenue growth. Each box sold comes with licenses that create ongoing revenue streams for distributors. This innovative business model ensures continued success and makes Secury360 the foundation of your thriving distribution business.
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Secury360 as a symbol of progress

Secury360 transcends the label of hardware and software company; it is a symbol of innovation and progress in the security industry. Designed for a diverse market, it caters to installers striving to provide top-notch security solutions and control rooms seeking improved efficiency and lower costs. Secury360 resonates with partners seeking innovation.
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Customers who take time to understand the story of Secury360 and see the working demo are immediately convinced. If you see it, you buy it... is what we say around here.

Jan de Wilder, CCO GDW Security

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Your position as an essential link

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Your crucial role
As a distributor, you bridge industry gaps by connecting customers with breakthrough solutions that improve security. The S360 box is your tool to drive the evolution of the industry.
Shaping the future
Give your customers the power of the S360 box to reshape standards. Equip them with advanced tools that ensure security and redefine peace of mind.
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An extraordinary addition
Increase the value of your portfolio with the Secury360 and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. Transparent pricing and unwavering quality reassure customers exploring technological horizons.
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Prosperity and innovation
Secury360 empowers you to ensure prosperity in a changing industry beyond security. Together, we are leading a new era in security, transforming landscapes and shaping a progressive future for the industry.

Ready to revolutionize security?

This journey is not just about products. We want to set new standards and shape the future of security. Sign up for a demo and join us on the journey to superior security and control, with guidance from our experts.

Prices are simple. And transparent.

Our prices are clear, fair & set up with the customer in mind. Besides our fair prices, we offer every customer Warranty360. This means that we refund the full insurance franchise if there is a burglary with Secury360 installed.

monthly per camera
  • Pay only for the cameras
  • Automatically linked to our global, certified community
  • Switch your cameras on and off with the app or your alarm system.
for the module
  • Link up to six cameras to a module
  • State-of-the-art technology on board
  • Use various additional inputs and outputs to create additional zones
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