The driving forces behind Secury360

Anyone can have a revolutionary idea. Few have the vision, network, experience and resources to make a revolutionary idea a reality. At Secury360, we don't have to worry about that, because we have a management team and an advisory board that are second to none.

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The management team

About us

The end of burglaries.

With Secury360, we make intrusion avoidance affordable for a large target audience. We deliberately set ourselves against the lax attitude of the security industry, the lack of quality assurance and customer focus.

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Frederick Jacobs

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Founder & CEO
Frederick is the founder of Secury360 and oversees the company's strategy and mission. He has more than 15 years of experience in camera security. He is convinced that everything can be better and challenges existing security solutions to make them better and more user-friendly. He started Secury360 because he strongly believed that the current solutions were outdated. He is responsible for the daily management and international expansion.

Wouter Uten

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Co-founder & Strategic advisor
Wouter is an entrepreneur with several companies and experience as a director of an international and a fast growing company. As a young entrepreneur, Wouter made a software company successful with over 50 employees around the world. As a pragmatic and hands-on manager, Wouter has experience in aligning teams with a strategic vision, this for technical, operational and sales talents in a fast growing company.

Bart Verstrynge

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Co-founder & Technical advisor
Bart is the technical co-founder of Secury360. As a software developer, architect & manager he looks back on some strong experiences in product development. He is passionate about building things from the ground up in the best possible way, while remaining pragmatic in his approach. Backed by an engineering degree in computer science and a specialisation in AI, he spent most of his professional life in software engineering, cloud computing & AI. At Secury360, Bart manages the technical team and defines the approach to beat our technical challenges and achieve our goals.

They believe in us

Advisory board

Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal

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Entrepreneur, Shareholder

Ismaël is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. As the founder and CEO of several tech companies operating worldwide ( iLumen), he is happy to have an advisory role in this innovative company.

Rik Fransens

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CEO & Co-Founder of Apixa, Shareholder

Rik Fransens is founder and CEO of APIXA, which is specialised in solving challenging computer vision problems. The match with Secury360 is therefore obvious. APIXA's clients include renowned international players, high-tech niche players and a range of other organisations.

Peter Croonen

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Entrepreneur, Chairman KRC Genk, Shareholder

For football fans, Peter Croonen needs no introduction. Besides his role as Chairman of KRC Genk, Peter is a shareholder of a whole series of successful companies such as Bioracer, XenomatiX, Reskin, Continuum, APIXA and Tracs Systems. The latest company in his impressive portfolio? Secury360.

Peter Van Eylen

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CEO of LED Techno, Shareholder

Peter's focus on knowledge, service and understanding people has transformed Led Techno into an internationally successful and leading company. "Strategic understanding of what your customer needs, that is absolutely the condition for success", says Peter. These values are also ingrained in Secury360, so a perfect match!