100% accurate perimeter detection.
0 false alarms.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and unleash our revolutionary artificial intelligence. You'll upgrade it to a 100% accurate perimeter detection system, and say goodbye to false alarms forever.

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Customized security for end users

Secury360 is your sentinel that anticipates and deters threats before they reach you. Our S360 box anticipates and addresses threats, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Recruiting in safe hands with Secury360

The construction industry requires specific security solutions because of the unique challenges faced by construction sites. Secury360 provides advanced surveillance, detection and access management to protect construction sites. We understand the value of construction equipment and the importance of project continuity. Discover how Secury360 strengthens the security of construction sites.

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Secure solar panel farm

Security for solar panel farms: best protect your sustainable investment

Solar panel farms play a critical role in the transition to renewable energy. Secury360 understands the value and vulnerability of solar panel farms.

Our solution is designed to protect this investment from theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. Find out how Secury360 ensures the security of your solar panel farm, securing your sustainable future.

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Protect auto parks and showrooms

At Secury360, we understand the significant value of your inventory and vehicles. Our security solution is designed to protect your showroom, inventory and vehicles from theft and vandalism. With a combination of advanced surveillance cameras coupled with our revolutionary Secury360 technology, we offer a total solution to enhance the safety and security of your car dealership. Find out how Secury360 takes security to the next level.

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Home security at its best: protect your family and property

Your home is your sanctuary, and your family's safety is a top priority. Secury360 offers an extra layer of security to ensure your peace of mind. Our advanced technology ensures that your home and loved ones remain protected. Find out how Secury360 keeps your home and family safe, 24/7.

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Camera & Alarm
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A good solution, but all too often 'too little too late'.
Thermal camera & alarm
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Less trouble with false alarms, but very expensive.
Camera & detection system
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Rather affordable, although installation can be complex. Often suffers from false alarms.
Camera + Secury360
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Affordable, high AI accuracy and above all: proactive by linking to your alarm system.

Why end users choose Secury360

Comprehensive protection

With Secury360, you prevent both physical and emotional harm by effectively preventing crime before it happens.

Unparalleled ease of use

Our perimeter detection solution is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, providing a seamless user experience.

An investment in the future

Choosing Secury360 is investing in a solution that is designed to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing security landscape, ensuring lasting value for you.

I used to have 2-3 false alarms every week with the traditional alarm system. Since installing the camera surveillance with Secury360, I hardly hear the installer, which is a positive.

Wouter Eeckeleers, Region Manager Group Jennes

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