The Secury360 solution. It's not magic. It's innovation.

Delve into the heart of our revolutionary S360 Box, a true feat of innovation that redefines perimeter detection solutions. More than just a security system, it is the key to expanded capabilities and unparalleled ease of use.

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The S360 box. Your revolutionary equipment

Our advanced S360 box acts as an intelligent alarm panel that enables the transformation of any camera surveillance system into a proactive perimeter detection solution. It provides high-performance hardware that can support VMS systems such as Nx without the need for additional PCs. Our boxed software is compatible with a wide range of cameras - they don't even have to be "smart." As long as they are high definition, you can get started! Plus, the S360 box consumes very little bandwidth, as it only sends 10-second clips to the control room.

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  • Made in Belgium
  • Low power and bandwidth consumption
  • Integration has never been easier
  • Camera expansion for the future
  • VMS function with Nx
  • Expanded storage with3.5" HDD with drive bay
  • Internal IO
  • 4G on board
  • 5-year warranty

The Partner Portal. The starting point for efficiency.

Our Partner Portal is your streamlined control center. From any location, you can manage and update installations remotely, saving your technical teams valuable on-site time and taking your service offerings to the next level. Want to see the Portal in person? Our team is ready to give you a demo!

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Some time-saving features you will value:‍

  • Manage cameras directly from the Portal.
  • Manage activation/deactivation
  • Assigning roles to users with different access rights
  • Analysis and graphical overview of detections and history
  • View detection clips up to 30 days back in time
  • Log with time stamp of each event, modification and detection by the box

The app. Security management at your fingertips.

In an age of smart technology, we understand the need for accessibility and ease of use wherever you are. The Secury360 app embodies both aspects. Designed specifically for the modern user, it provides instant access to security insights, real-time notifications and simplified control. Whether adjusting settings, viewing images or receiving instant alerts, everything you need is at your fingertips.

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Features that complete the security experience:

  • View images anytime, anywhere
  • Adjust security parameters effortlessly
  • Automatic activation and deactivation based on your location
  • Manage user access
  • Stay informed with live updates on security events
  • Navigating security has never been so smooth and intuitive.

Secury360 reduces the workload of operators in control rooms, ours and especially that of our clients. There are virtually no more false alarms and superfluous client contacts. This is also thanks to the app, which I think is the greatest added value.

Patrick Dieleman, Business Manager BPI Security

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Ready to revolutionize your security?

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Prices are simple. And transparent.

Our prices are clear, fair & set up with the customer in mind. Besides our fair prices, we offer every customer Warranty360. This means that we refund the full insurance franchise if there is a burglary with Secury360 installed.

monthly per camera
  • Pay only for the cameras
  • Automatically linked to our global, certified community
  • Switch your cameras on and off with the app or your alarm system.
for the module
  • Link up to six cameras to a module
  • State-of-the-art technology on board
  • Use various additional inputs and outputs to create additional zones
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