100% accurate perimeter detection.
0 false alarms.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and unleash our revolutionary artificial intelligence. You'll upgrade it to a 100% accurate perimeter detection system, and say goodbye to false alarms forever.

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Mobile site surveillance without false alarms? We make it possible.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and unleash revolutionary artificial intelligence. The A.I. of our patented solution filters out all non-human detections before they reach the control room. Say goodbye to false alarms forever.

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Our STALICO camera towers combined with Secury360 complete mobile security solutions. No more false alarms, reduced costs and a better experience for the end customer. A real game changer.

Gunter Roefs, Managing Director GR Technics

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Say goodbye to false alarms

Moving branches, a running animal or just a spider in front of the lens? No problem!

The Secury360 box is equipped with Edge A.I., which analyzes all video footage on site and becomes increasingly accurate. Before possible detections are sent to the control room, our Cloud A.I. does a second filter. In this way we guarantee detections with an accuracy of 99.998%.

Since the analysis is done on-site, our solution consumes a minimum of bandwidth (2 gigabytes per month on average).

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Easy integration with your existing set-up

The Secury360 box software is customized for your yard masts, and is compatible with all types of cameras - they don't even have to be smart. As long as they are high definition, you can get started!

We also integrate with several video management systems (VMS), and the box's hardware can be used to run your VMS system.

Our solution also integrates with most monitoring centers, and our international partner network is growing rapidly.

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Camera & Alarm
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A good solution, but all too often 'too little too late'.
Thermal camera & alarm
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Less trouble with false alarms, but very expensive.
Camera & detection system
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Rather affordable, although installation can be complex. Often suffers from false alarms.
Camera + Secury360
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Affordable, high AI accuracy and above all: proactive by linking to your alarm system.

Let customers set the schedule

Tired of calls from your customers asking you to turn your yard mast on or off? Don't worry, we have something for that!

The Secury360 app gives you and your customers access to our partner portal. Through the portal, customers can configure schedules and determine when to turn yard security on or off.

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Customers who take time to understand the story of Secury360 and see the working demo are immediately convinced. If you see it, you buy it... is what we say around here.

Jan de Wilder, CCO GDW Security

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A site security case study

In 2021, we expanded our collaboration with our installation partner, GDW Security, to provide their customers with unseen accurate site security. The yard masts also integrate seamlessly with Securitas control rooms (and others).

The result: incredibly handsome numbers that the competition can only dream of.

Our " Secury360 for mobile surveillance" white paper goes into more detail about this case.


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Why mobile security companies choose Secury360

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Unparalleled accuracy

Our two-part A.I. filtering system guarantees 99.998% accurate human detections.

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Easy to install and maintain

The Secury360 box is incredibly compact, making it easy to install. It can also be updated remotely, minimizing maintenance.

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PC on site is optional

Our Windows-based solution does not require an on-site PC. You only need cameras, the POE switch and a 4g router.

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Low bandwidth consumption

Most of the analysis is done on site, and all potential detections are sent to the control room as 10-second video clips.

The perfect team behind Secury360

15+ years of experience in the security sector? Check.
Successful, internationally active (tech) entrepreneurs? Check.
Shared vision to build a more secure future? Double Check.

Secury360 is supported by the U2P group.

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Secury360 team

Thank you for your interest in the Secury360 for (mobile) site security white paper!