100% accurate perimeter detection.
0 false alarms.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and unleash our revolutionary artificial intelligence. You'll upgrade it to a 100% accurate perimeter detection system, and say goodbye to false alarms forever.

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perimeter detection. Easy to integrate.

Pair the Secury360 box with any camera system and unleash revolutionary artificial intelligence on it. This way you upgrade it into a reliable perimeter detection system and say goodbye to false alarms.

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How does Secury360 work?

How does Secury360 work visual

On-premise cameras

Connect the S360 box to an (existing) camera surveillance system and transform it into a proactive perimeter detection solution.


The S360 box features our Edge A.I., which gradually learns the terrain through deep learning. It analyzes the video images on site, and does an initial filtering of potential alerts.

Control room

Before the alarms are forwarded to the alarm centre, our Cloud A.I. does a final check. This way, we guarantee zero false alarms right from the installation. And that is just the beginning.

Customers who take time to understand the story of Secury360 and see the working demo are immediately convinced. If you see it, you buy it... is what we say around here.

Jan de Wilder, CCO GDW Security

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Jan de Wilder, CCO GDW Security
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Give your customers the ultimate peace of mind

For your customer, nothing is as annoying as an alarm caused by a false detection. Thanks to Secury360, the customer only receives a notification when a person is on the premises.

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Say goodbye to false alarms

Moving branches, a pet running around or just a spider in front of the lens? No problem!

The Secury360 box is equipped with revolutionary Edge A.I., which analyses all video images on site. The A.I. also ensures that Secury360 filters out potential false detections before they reach the control room.

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Become the preferred partner of all control rooms

No false alarms means less work for the control rooms, and less costs for you.

Because only human detections get through the filter, operators also have more time to prevent real threats. Everyone wins.

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Artificial intelligence, on edge.

The S360 box, that is installed by the installer on site, contains powerful Edge A.I. and filters the camera images on site rather than online.

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Camera & Alarm
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A good solution, but all too often 'too little too late'.
Thermal camera & alarm
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Less trouble with false alarms, but very expensive.
Camera & detection system
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Rather affordable, although installation can be complex. Often suffers from false alarms.
Camera + Secury360
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Affordable, high AI accuracy and above all: proactive by linking to your alarm system.

Only through the best installers.

We are convinced that the right security is installed by a certified professional security installer. And that's why we're building a network of selected professional installers in each country.

In addition to the completely unique product, we also enjoy the right support for all facets of security products.

Kristoffer Van Saet, Managing Director Van Saet Security
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