100% accurate perimeter detection.
0 false alarms.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and unleash our revolutionary artificial intelligence. You'll upgrade it to a 100% accurate perimeter detection system, and say goodbye to false alarms forever.

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Proactive security
made easy

Transform any security camera into an active burglar detector.
Without complicated configurations.

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How does Secury360 work?

How does Secury360 work visual

On-premise cameras

Connect the S360 box to an (existing) camera surveillance system and transform it into a proactive perimeter detection solution.


The S360 box is equipped with our Edge A.I., which gradually learns the terrain through deep learning. It analyses the video images on the spot, and does an initial filtering of potential reports.


Cloud AI's end assessment ensures that no false alarms are sent from the installation. Whether in the control room, app notifications or other on-site outputs, precision is paramount.

Transform your security business with Secury360

Enter our partner ecosystem, where installers like you are at the core. By embracing the power of perimeter detection, you not only provide security, but give your business and position in the industry a whole new dimension. With our partner portal, you'll manage installations remotely, save valuable time and increase the quality of your service. Transform your security journey today with Secury360.

For installers

Focus on what really matters

Thanks to Secury360's S360 box, false alarms are a thing of the past. Our system instantly sends 10-second video clips upon detection, allowing quick verification and allowing control rooms to focus on authentic reports. Increase operational efficiency, simplify tasks and enter the future of security.

for control rooms

Changing security box by box

Distributing the S360 box means more than just selling a product; it is introducing a transformational security solution. Secury360 drives your revenue potential and transforms security systems into proactive, accurate perimeter detection solutions. Together, we are redefining the future of security, box by box.

for distributors

The future of security management

Our Secury360 app and partner portal transform the way you manage security. Operate settings seamlessly, gain real-time insights and view images at your fingertips. Strengthen control rooms, optimize installer operations and provide unparalleled value to end users.

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We chose Secury360 because of that short response time and the flexibility of the system. Working in the cloud is very convenient. We can prepare the boxes in advance. Then it's just a matter of installing and done.

Axel Guldentops, Manager AEW Security

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