Secury360 Limburg Start-up of the Year 2023

December 7, 2023

Secury360 recently received the honor of being awarded Limburg Start-Up of the Year. The prestigious award, presented by Limburg Start-Up (LSU), recognizes Secury360's groundbreaking work in the world of alarm systems. With pioneering technology that integrates artificial intelligence, Secury360 has developed an alarm system that not only effectively detects intrusions, but also distinguishes between real threats and innocent events.

Unparalleled innovation in intrusion detection

Secury360 impressed LSU's judges with its innovative approach to intrusion detection. The use of artificial intelligence allows the alarm system to accurately distinguish between a potentially dangerous situation and an innocent incident. This is a revolution in the security industry, where traditional systems often struggle with false alarms caused by pets or other innocent movements.

The journey to success: from vision to reality

Frederick Jacobs, with more than 15 years of experience as a security solutions distributor, founded Secury360 in 2019. His vision of overcoming the shortcomings of existing camera systems led to the development of a unique box that can be attached to existing or new camera systems. Its ability to detect intruders before a break-in makes Secury360 a pioneer in innovation.

Fast-growing impact: customers, investors and future plans

With more than 1,000 clients on their reference list, 55% of which are SMEs, 25% individuals and 20% construction sites, Secury360 has proven to serve a wide range of markets. Investors have recognized the company's potential, resulting in successful rounds of capital to accelerate growth. Frederick Jacobs' ambition to reach over 30,000 installed cameras by 2026 is a testament to Secury360's perseverance and determination.

Secury360's designation as Limburg Start-up of the Year is more than a recognition; it is an affirmation of their commitment to innovation in the security industry. Its ability to make the difference between a break-in and an innocent incident underscores the value of artificial intelligence in enhancing traditional security systems. With a growing customer base and ambitious future plans, Secury360 continues to be an award winner and a leader in the security industry.

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