Secury360: 100% Made in Belgium

September 12, 2023

In the world of security, where innovation and reliability are paramount, Secury360 stands out as a shining example of excellence. Secury360 has become an industry leader thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, unwavering commitment to quality and a team of dedicated professionals. In this blog, we dive into the heart of Secury360 and explore the fascinating story of how it became a true "Made in Belgium" success story.

Meet the brains behind Secury360

Frederick Jacobs: The Visionary Leader

At the helm of Secury360 is Frederick Jacobs, the inventor and founder of Secury360. With more than 15 years of experience in the camera security field, Frederick has always been driven by the belief that security solutions can be better, more efficient and more user-friendly. His passion for innovation led him to found Secury360, fueled by the belief that existing security solutions were outdated. Frederick oversees the company's strategy and mission, ensuring Secury360 remains at the forefront of the industry while expanding globally.

Wouter Uten: The Entrepreneurial Force

Wouter Uten, a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record, joined Secury360's team. With experience leading an international high-growth company with over 50 employees, Wouter brings a pragmatic and hands-on approach to aligning teams with a strategic vision. His experience includes both the technical, operational and sales aspects of a high-growth company, making him an invaluable asset to Secury360's journey.

Bart Verstrynge: The Technical Maestro

Bart Verstrynge, the technical co-founder of Secury360, is a software developer, architect and manager with a passion for building things from the ground up. Armed with an engineering degree in computer science and specialization in AI, Bart has spent most of his professional life in software engineering, cloud computing and AI. He now leads the technical team at Secury360, defining approaches to address technical challenges and achieve the company's goals.

A strategic collaboration with partners

Secury360 strongly believes in collaboration and has some leading partners on board.

Apixa: Innovation in Computer Vision

Secury360 is working closely with Apixa, a company specializing in solving complex computer vision problems. Apixa's experience in person detection, not only in security but also in logistics and retail, is proving to be a valuable asset for Secury360. With services and solutions that include deep learning, artificial intelligence and various imaging technologies, Apixa complements Secury360's mission to provide industry-leading security solutions.

Page Electronics: Hardware excellence

When it comes to hardware, Secury360 relies on Page Electronica, a company based in Belgium. Page Electronica has a team of more than 150 professionals equipped with state-of-the-art electronics production and testing techniques. The company values long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers and prefers to use its own inventory for common components.

AI-Blox: Simplifying Edge AI

A crucial player in Secury360's success is its partnership with AI-Blox. AI-Blox understands the challenges in finding the right hardware configuration. Developing your own hardware takes time and significantly affects the budget. AI-Blox has therefore built a modular hardware platform that helps build leading edge AI applications.

Our shared mission

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing our world. Creative engineers are developing new AI innovations every day. These innovations are driven by nearly unlimited cloud computing resources.

For AI innovations on the edge, the situation is different. These applications do not have access to the unlimited resources available in the cloud. Specialized hardware is required. This can make application deployment difficult and time-consuming.

Thanks to our partners, we make edge intelligence easy.

Secury360 is a shining example of innovation and excellence, proudly invented, designed and made in Belgium. With visionary leadership, technical prowess and strategic partnerships, we remain 100% Belgian.

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