Your customers deserve the future of perimeter detection.

Connect the Secury360 box to any camera system and upgrade it to a proactive perimeter detection system with 99.998% detection accuracy.

Say goodbye to false alarms and hello to a safer future.

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Give your customers the ultimate peace of mind.

Animals, tree branches, the elements.... for your customer, nothing is more annoying than an alarm caused by a false detection. With Secury360, you can offer your customers a proactive security solution without the usual compromises.

Our solution filters out all non-human detection so that you and your customers are not unnecessarily disturbed.

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Integration has never been easier.

The Secury360 box software is compatible with all types of cameras - they don't even have to be smart. As long as they are high definition, you can get started!

We also integrate with several video management systems (VMS), and the box's hardware can be used to run your VMS system.

Our solution also integrates with most monitoring centers, and our international partner network is growing rapidly.

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Stay in control (remotely) with our Partner Portal.

Manage your customers efficiently and keep track of all your Secury360 installations through our easy-to-use partner portal.

  • Manage your camera directly from the portal
  • Automatic monitoring/disarming of the box according to the time of day
  • Assign roles to users with different permissions
  • Analysis and graphical overview of detections & history
  • View detection clips up to 30 days in retrospect
  • Log with timestamp of each event, change, detection by the box
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A future-proof solution.

99.998% accurate perimeter detection is just the beginning. Thanks to our constantly evolving Edge AI and our dedicated team of engineers, some incredible features will be possible in the (not so distant) future.

The goal is simple: to achieve the state we like to call "Set & Forget." Over time, the Edge AI will be able to recognize behavior. When someone enters the field, the AI will discern if someone has bad intentions, and respond appropriately.

When this is accomplished, it can turn itself on when the owner leaves the premises, and off when he enters. At this point, we have truly achieved "Set & Forget."

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Customers who take time to understand the story of Secury360 and see the working demo are immediately convinced. If you see it, you buy it... is what we say around here.

Jan de Wilder, CCO GDW Security

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Why it's best to choose Secury360

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Unparalleled accuracy

Our two-part A.I. filtering system guarantees 99.998% accurate human detections.

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Easy to install and maintain

The Secury360 box is incredibly compact, making it easy to install. It can also be updated remotely, minimizing maintenance.

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Low bandwidth consumption

Most of the analysis is done on site, and all potential detections are sent to the control room as 10-second video clips.

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PC on site is optional

Our Windows-based solution does not require an on-site PC. You only need cameras, the POE switch and a 4g router.

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We detect every person in the secure area around your home or building. Our system needs a few seconds to tell with 100% certainty if it is a person.
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Accurate - thanks to A.I.
The S360 box is equipped with our Edge A.I., which gradually learns the terrain through deep learning. It analyses the video images on the spot, and does an initial filtering of potential reports.
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Although our A.I. does an initial filtering for detections, false positives can get through... but thanks to our trained and certified community, you won't have to. In the first period after installation they verify the detections and train the Edge A.I. in how to use them. This way we are 100% accurate from the moment of installation, with no false positives.
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We build our platform on the basis of professional security cameras and in cooperation with reliable technology partners. Our solution is installed only by certified local professional installers.
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Easy to use
If the client already has an alarm system, we connect our S360 box to it. That way it can be activated via the alarm. Together with the installer of your alarm system you can then choose to activate our applications via a code keyboard, a badge or the app of the alarm system.
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Price model
We do not believe in a variable price where you as a customer pay for each false report. Our customers pay a fixed monthly fee for professional outdoor detection through our A.I. and 24/7 community.
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Residential and commercial property
From private homes to business premises, we can secure any enclosed area from the outside.

Prices are simple. And transparent.

Our prices are clear, fair & set up with the customer in mind. Besides our fair prices, we offer every customer Warranty360. This means that we refund the full insurance franchise if there is a burglary with Secury360 installed.

monthly per camera
  • Pay only for the cameras
  • Automatically linked to our global, certified community
  • Switch your cameras on and off with the app or your alarm system.
for the module
  • Link up to six cameras to a module
  • State-of-the-art technology on board
  • Use various additional inputs and outputs to create additional zones
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