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In this spotlight, we would like to introduce our partner Bosch. Bosch is an established name in the security sector, and among other things supplies a wide range of intelligent cameras. Bosch is constantly looking for new technologies and partners that make it possible to live "like a Bosch". This makes Bosch a logical partner for the Secury360 proactive outdoor detection system.

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Detecting a burglary attempt before it can take place. Taking action before any damage can be done to windows or doors. That is the wish of every home or business owner, and certainly of those who have been confronted with the consequences of a burglary.

Kris de Gendt Sales District Management
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What was your first impression of the Secury360 concept?

The concept of Secury360, in which movement reports are verified by a community of security professionals, making it possible to take action within a very short time, offers great added value. Because the system is continuously trained on location, the concept is also very future-proof.

Furthermore, using smart cameras to make outdoor detection more reliable is very much in line with the Bosch philosophy when it comes to Intelligent Video Analytics and AIoT (artifical intelligence of things). Indeed, our cameras have been supplied with best-in-class video analytics as standard since 2016.

Do you believe the security market was looking for a solution like Secury360?

Detecting a burglary attempt before it can take place.

Take action before any damage can be done to windows or doors.

Surely that is what every home or business owner wants, especially those who have been confronted with the consequences of a burglary.

What is your feeling about the Secury360 team?

The highly talented team at Secury360 has a passion for smart solutions.

Thanks to their in-depth technical knowledge, they are able to exploit all the unique features of our cameras. This guarantees a beautiful picture in all lighting conditions, reliable detection, low bandwidth and data security - which is also very important, but often underestimated, in IoT devices.

Why is Secury360 a good addition to other outdoor detection solutions?

For the most critical security applications, Secury360 uses our state-of-the-art Flexidome 8000i Starlight camera with best-in-class intelligent video analytics and AIoT.

Secury360 does not only provide the most reliable early detection, but also razor-sharp image recordings, image verification, and action that creates a deterrent effect. The community of security professionals with whom Secury360 works can therefore make the most of the high-quality images.

Where do you see the greatest long-term benefits?

For the end customer, the biggest advantage is certainly that both the material and emotional damage associated with a break-in can be prevented.

In the long term, we expect to see a reduction in the number of burglaries, as potential burglars will also become aware of the high risk of being caught using these systems. The proven quality, reliability and extremely long life of our Bosch cameras also ensures a high ROI (Return On Investment). By equipping our qualitative Bosch cameras with the innovative Secury360 module, the end customer will enjoy high-quality and preventive security - and can sleep soundly for a long time.

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