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September 18, 2023

About the client

Caviarz, a pioneer in the automotive industry, is known for making dreams come true by offering customers their dream cars at surprisingly affordable prices. With a commitment to providing unparalleled service and maintaining factory warranties, Caviarz shares the same dedication to excellence and attention to detail that defines Secury360's approach to security solutions.

The challenge

Caviarz faced an important challenge: their location had to be optimally secured. With high-end and expensive cars of the very highest quality, it was of utmost importance that the security was more than foolproof. But there was another aspect that had to be taken into account: the aesthetics of the location could not be disturbed by conspicuous security equipment.

The solution

After a thorough analysis of its security needs, Caviarz chose Varel Security's expertise and experience. Varel Security rose to the challenge and proposed a customized integrated security solution, fully integrating our innovative Secury360 system into the solution.

An important aspect was to reduce false alarms, as they waste time and resources. Varel Security therefore paired Caviarz camera surveillance with our S360 box, which uses advanced artificial intelligence. This AI analyzes and filters each camera image to distinguish between people, animals and objects. As a result, only relevant human detections are transmitted, with no false alarms.

As an added benefit, Caviarz could now use our handy app to monitor the situation on their property in real time and view images of the detections. This reassured them and made them feel that their precious collection was always protected, even when they were not on site.

Thanks to Varel Security's dedication and their integrated security solution with Secury360, Caviarz now has an unparalleled sense of security and peace of mind. Their dream cars are protected at the highest level, without compromising the aesthetics of their location. Caviarz and Varel Security's success story is an example of how collaboration and expertise can result in optimal security solutions for businesses.

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