The revolution in mobile security

September 21, 2023

About the client

BPI Service is a renowned provider of total solutions in the field of construction site design. With a team of experienced project managers and technical experts, BPI Service ensures flawless installation, coordination and follow-up for their clients. As an extension of their services, BPI Security focuses on temporary security solutions for various applications, including construction sites, vacant properties and events.


BPI Service recognized the need for an advanced security solution to enhance the protection of their clients' assets. They wanted to implement temporary security towers that could provide high-quality monitoring and detection capabilities. The challenge was to find a solution that not only provided reliable security, but also minimized false alarms and improved operational efficiency.


To meet their security needs, BPI Service partnered with GDW and GR Technics and assembled a team of experts to create an operational mast. GDW played a crucial role in ensuring the mast's technical capabilities, such as an efficient battery system for longer autonomy and choosing Dahua for superior image quality. However, they also wanted to integrate AI-based detection to reduce false alarms. That's when GDW suggested Secury360 as the detection solution.

BPI Service customers have been very satisfied with the Secury360 solution. The ability to customize schedules, view flawless camera images and access detection clips via the app have been highlighted as the main benefits. The result? A remarkable increase in demand for BPI Service's rental towers, indicating the success and reliability of Secury360's AI-based security solution.

Secury360 reduces the workload of operators in control rooms, both ours and especially those of our customers. There are virtually no more false alarms and unnecessary customer contacts. This is also due to the app, which I consider the biggest added value. - Patrick Dieleman, Business Manager

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