The power of a complete security solution

September 18, 2023

In their search for a more reliable security system, Dicar turned to Secury360, an advanced technology solution installed by installer Van Saet Security. By deploying Secury360, Dicar wanted to overcome the limitations of their previous security setup and enhance their ability to deter and apprehend outside intruders.

Dicar's success story

Just weeks after installing the Secury360 system, Dicar achieved a significant success. One night, the control room received a report of suspicious activity through the Secury360 system. The control room immediately alerted the police, who responded quickly to the situation. Within five minutes, the first patrol car arrived at the location, and additional reinforcements were dispatched shortly thereafter.

Thanks to the Secury360 cameras, the recorded images allowed police to identify the number of intruders and track their movements throughout the property. The cameras showed that the intruders had managed to climb over the high-voltage barbed-wire fence without activating the security system. However, their escape was impeded by the difficult terrain.

Jef Van Eyck of Dicar emphasized the ease of use of the Secury360 app in that situation. The app allowed them to view real-time images and see previous detections, giving them instant access to critical information. Recognizing the effectiveness of the technology, Dicar plans to expand their surveillance coverage by adding two additional Secury360 cameras to enhance their point of view and further strengthen their security measures.

Dicar's success story illustrates how Secury360's solution successfully addressed their security challenges. By eliminating false alarms and enabling accurate threat detection at their fingertips, Secury360 significantly improved Dicar's ability to secure their territory.

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