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September 21, 2023

About Group Jennes

Group Jennes, a leading car dealer with multiple showrooms and car fleets for new and used cars, is committed to the security of their assets, customers and employees. However, they faced significant problems of false alarms and inadequate security measures, which negatively affected their business operations.


Group Jennes faced frequent false alarms with their existing security system, leading to unnecessary disruptions and sleepless nights for the personnel in charge. These false alarms were caused by trivial factors such as wind, reflections or even the presence of animals in the parking lot. Such incidents not only disrupted staff's peace of mind, but also resulted in significant time and resource losses.


To address Group Jennes' challenges, they implemented Secury360 technology on Dahua cameras. This advanced security solution uses intelligent video monitoring and deep learning algorithms to minimize false alarms and improve the company's overall security measures.Wouter Eeckeleers, Regional Manager of Group Jennes, shared his experience with the solution:

"I used to have 2-3 false alarms a week with the traditional alarm system. In all those years, I didn't have a single burglary. But I always got an alarm. If it happens at night, that's one thing, but if it keeps you awake at night, the cameras with Secury360 technology are worth the investment. Since then, my wife has also been much happier."

Smarter together

The combination of Secury360 technology and Dahua cameras made a significant difference in addressing false alarms. The solution includes intelligent video surveillance that can accurately distinguish between real threats and harmless events, such as animals, environmental influences or reflections. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Dahua and Secury360 have provided a smarter and more reliable security infrastructure.

Current set-up:

  • 1x Dahua vari-focal bullet camera
  • 1x Dahua IR eyeball camera
  • 5x Dahua IR vari-focal eyeball camera
  • 2x Secury360 box

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