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With over 45 years of experience and branches in Hasselt and Ghent, Varel Security is a well-known name in the security world. Meanwhile, their customer portfolio consists of more than 19,000 satisfied families and company managers.

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After seeing a demo of Secury360, I immediately knew that this would become the next big thing in the world of security.

Koen Hermans
Security consultant
Varel Security
Koen Hermans
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Koen, security consultant at Varel Security, speaking

Why did you decide to join the concept?

We believe that there is a need for a proactive approach to the problem of burglary. The existing solutions to work proactively usually have more disadvantages than advantages. With the solution of Secury360 we can reassure our clients that they will be notified of unwanted visitors before an actual break-in has taken place.

After seeing a demo of Secury360, I immediately knew that this would become the unmissable train in the world of security. With traditional outdoor security concepts, there are so many external factors (such as animals, weather and wind) that can influence the correctness of the alarm notification. These factors are excluded at once by the Secury360 concept and this mainly thanks to the Edge A.I. which trains location-based at.

We also believe that in the future, camera surveillance will become the most important pillar in the overall security concept and will eventually replace traditional methods of detection. The potential that AI has in combination with camera surveillance will open up a wide range of possibilities, and Secury360 is an important first step in this for us.

What is the customer demand?

The potential customers who are aware of their security will ask for a proactive solution, which will almost always involve some form of outdoor detection. Customers who already have a conventional alarm system and are nevertheless confronted with a break-in or attempted break-in will also question this form of security.

For private and business customers, other factors are always important. Usually, the price of the classical means of outdoor detection has never been the most important factor for business customers. However, the effectiveness and error rate of the system is a decisive condition.

With private customers, the final cost price plays a much bigger role. With Secury360 we can offer both target groups an appropriate solution. Clients believe in the concept, when they give a demo, the feedback is almost exclusively positive.

Does the current market need change?

Until the emergence of camera surveillance, the security world has always been a slow, uninnovative sector. Within camera surveillance, we have seen very rapid progress in both quality and possibilities, but far fewer applications as "reliable" detection. So there was definitely a need for change in order to exploit the full potential of the evolution of camera surveillance.

What are the advantages of a partnership with Secury360?

Secury360 gives us the chance to be one of the first to work on an innovative solution. As a company, we always want to be up to date with the latest trends, but we do want a partner we can rely on.

Because we have been working with Frederik Jacobs (Founder of Secury360, via Visuatech) for years, we are well acquainted with their smooth functioning and excellent support, as a result of which we can bring every project to a successful conclusion. This gives us the necessary confidence to continue working with Secury360.

Become a Secury360 partner yourself?

Become a partner via our partner page below.

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When we add a new installer to our partners, they receive the proper training to install and calibrate the product.
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The first installations will be done together with our technical team. Our helpdesk is available to provide remote support.
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We provide flyers, videos and other marketing materials to give the customer the right information about our product. Every new partner also receives sales training at the beginning of our cooperation.
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We are constantly improving our software and algorithms, updates are done without the intervention of the installer and remotely.
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