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Van Saet Security, based in Bonheiden, Antwerp has been a known value in the security world for years, and has provided complete security for the AFAS Stadium of KV Mechelen and the high-tech camera surveillance system in the village center of the municipality of Putte, among other things.

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With the Secury360 solution, we can reassure our customers that they will be notified of the unwanted visit before an actual break-in has taken place.

Kristoffer van Saet
Managing director
From Saet
Kristoffer van Saet
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Kristoffer, manager of Van Saet Security, speaking

Why did you decide to join the concept?

From our own experience, we have noticed for a long time that there is a huge demand for an outdoor detection system that can offer guarantees. The current systems on the market do not have the right qualifications.

Traditional systems still give false alarms too often or are almost unaffordable. We believe in the future of AI, but think that human verification is still indispensable to filter out false alarms.

What is the demand for an innovative concept

The need on the market was high for a working concept. We regularly receive requests from customers. A common problem with the current systems is that the burglary is only reported when the damage has already been done.

In an ideal world, we would detect burglars before they could do any damage. And let that now be the great strength of Secury360. The demand for this innovative solution is the same in both the private and business market. Nobody likes a break-in, whether it's at home or at your business.

Customer benefits and feedback

The team of Secury360 already has experience in the field of intelligent camera surveillance. This is one of the reasons why we went with them. We saw a lot of possibilities in the well-functioning demos that we saw.

We have already put some systems into action and so far the customers have been very enthusiastic. We look forward to installing more systems.

Become a Secury360 partner yourself?

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