Praxis Group has been an established player in the Belgian security landscape since 2008. Through their independent control room, they keep an eye on more than 17000 satisfied customers. At Praxis Group, direct communication between the operational management and the installer plays an important role. In this way, creative commercial formulas can be drawn up together, and operations can be quickly adapted to a changing situation. Moreover, their young and dynamic team of bilingual operators (NL/FR) are supported by proven and automated processes, so you can be sure of fast and efficient alarm handling!

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Praxis stands for innovation, quality and communication. We are hands-on. And Secury360 shares those same values.

Claude Delatter
Claude Delatter

Claude Delatter, co-founder of Praxis, speaking

Why did you choose Secury360?

The most important requirement of an AI solution is accuracy. And for us there are only 2 products that meet this, one of which is Secury360. Praxis stands for innovation, quality and communication. We are hands-on. And Secury360 shares the same values. We can get to you quickly and you also continue to innovate and deliver quality.

How did the integration go?

I haven't heard any comments about the integration with Secury360. And that's a good sign. When we hear people complaining internally here, something goes wrong or is more likely to. That hasn't happened with Secury360. Then it will certainly be fine.

What added value have you experienced by working with Secury360?

As a control room, we want to avoid too many false alarms. Each call is linked to an operation (multiple calls within a certain time frame are seen as 1 operation). At Praxis, 15 handleings per quarter are included in a basic connection. Each additional false alarm is charged to the installer. So he is not happy if there are several false alarms per customer. As an alarm center, we benefit from a product that can filter out false alarms. As an alarm center we must be able to work efficiently. The fewer false alarms that come in, the better for our efficiency. That way our staffing can be optimized. At the same time, we must also be able to continue to deliver quality. In addition, the installer also benefits if the throughput of false alarms is reduced.

How is the role of the emergency center going to change in the future?

Alarms that are going to come in will be better balanced. If alarms that come in also effectively lead to an intervention, the price level can remain more stable for control rooms. In addition, the control room will also continue to play an important role. Without an alarm center, the security chain for the installer falls apart. After all, you can only really feel safe if there is also an appropriate response to a notification. If there is a break-in when you are sleeping at home and your personal integrity is at stake, you are happy if an alarm center can respond quickly and send a patrol out.

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