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Hikvision is the largest manufacturer of video surveillance systems in the world. Hikvision is constantly looking for new technologies and partners that make it possible to better perceive, understand and secure the world. Consequently, Hikvision is a logical partner for the Secury360 proactive outdoor detection system.

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, although this is not immediately apparent. In some sectors, this is more obvious than in others. Innovation means moving forward, standing still means going backwards. They understand that very well at Secury360.

Manuel Lambrechts
Key Account Teamleader Belgium & Luxembourg
Manuel Lambrechts
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What was your first impression of the Secury360 concept?

When Frederick (founder & CEO Secury360) first "briefed" us on the concept, what the vision was and what the challenges were, we were immediately convinced of the idea. The fact that they also applied for a grant from the Flemish Investment Fund to support innovative start-ups was an additional trigger for us. We realised that this revolutionary concept was not something we could simply ignore.

As the market leader in the video security sector, do you believe the market was looking for a solution like Secury360?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, although this is not immediately apparent. In some sectors, this is more obvious than in others. Innovation means moving forward, standing still means going backwards.

At Secury360 they have understood that very well. Where other AI systems stop, Secury360's solution goes further. Creating synergy between our cameras and their own developed AI-box, increasing security automatically before an intrusion takes place, you just have to think of it.

What is your feeling about the Secury360 team?

It is a very young and dynamic team, with brains and know-how. I may be a "polyglot", but once you have spent a day with their in-house AI developer, all those "languages" are little to nothing. Nothing rushed, everything well thought out and benchmarked to "perfection".

They have clearly not taken any chances and have prepared thoroughly.

Why is Secury360 a good addition to other outdoor detection solutions?

No system is flawless. However, Secury360's innovative approach with its "self-scaling" protection when a break-in occurs is a unique addition to existing systems. Imagine, for example, that this happens and you have forgotten to arm your own alarm system....

Where do you see the greatest long-term benefits?

As a technology partner, we are always very happy when we can contribute to innovative solutions. Where our "solutions" often aim to reach as wide a market segment as possible, Secury360 actually does just the opposite by focusing on a specific "segment".

They have targeted a market where the traditional installer often "relies" on well-known systems such as intrusion detection, infrared beams and the like.

For many installers, this may simultaneously have a certain deterrent effect, as people are not "always" keen on new technology. However, the way in which this product is marketed, as a "supplement" to rather than a replacement for it, will in my opinion help determine the success of this system to a large extent.

Just as their AI box is getting better and better, technological developments with our cameras are also going fast, with more pixels, more light sensitivity, etc.

So this can become a beautiful marriage to the future.

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