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GDW Security, based in Machelen, Flemish Brabant, has been active in the security world for over 40 years, providing security for more than 8,500 families and companies. With the motto "Expect the unexpected," GDW Security is a logical partner for the Secury360 proactive outdoor detection system.

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Customers who take time to understand the story of Secury360 and see the working demo are immediately convinced. If you see it, you buy it... is what we say around here.

Jan de Wilder
GDW Security
Jan de Wilder
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Jan de Wilder, CCO at GDW Security and Michael Meyers, Service Desk Officer, speaking.

What was your first impression of Secury360?

Michael: What secury360 offers was never seen before at GDW Security: extremely accurate exterior detection with fast integrations and smooth cooperation with Video Management Systems. To this day, we believe there is no 100% guarantee that can be offered anywhere. Yet Secury360 comes very close. Therefore, there is no comparison with other outdoor detection solutions, which often give false alarms.

We are also always looking for the latest developments to keep innovating within our field. The cooperation with Secury360 allows us to contribute to the evolution of the future of outdoor detection with our experience and knowledge of the market.

As a leader in the Belgian security landscape, do you believe the market was looking for a solution like Secury360?

Michael: The market is constantly evolving, so we see no reason why the market should not be ready for a solution like Secury360. With this system, we enable proactive security and can prevent a lot of damage. This is something completely different from what is common today, given that classical surveillance systems often only raise the alarm when the damage has already been done. So personally, I am definitely convinced that it will occupy an increasing place n the security market.

Jan: Security/security to this day has always been reactive, with detection AFTER one has entered the secured premises. The entire market and training is based on rapid detection followed by (physical) delaying elements. Exterior detection is sometimes advised, but always with a big BUT. The day we can state that proactive outdoor detection really works, this will change. I personally assume this will be the turnaround in the next few years of the security market.

Our market has seen more disruptions in recent years, mainly through 'security as a service' models. The market needs globalisation - digitalisation and consolidation are making their mark in our sector. The mindset of the customer in 2020 will also direct us more towards innovations and evolution in security, and the market is also ready for certain concepts at the moment.

The fact of change is unstoppable, we just have to be 'smart' about it and make the right strategic choices to continue to make a difference & discover the benefits rather than the drawbacks.

Why did you decide to join the concept?

Jan: I believe in the concept because today there is a gap in the market for high-performance outdoor detection. Various technologies and concepts have been around for years, but we keep noticing that there is nowhere to offer a 100% guarantee of operation. This creates false alarms and causes frustration among customers and loss of confidence in the effectiveness. In security, this is precisely the most important pillar, if you do not have confidence in a concept it will not be used and also damages our reputation as an installer.

That is why we have never really put this 'in our showcase' for standard solutions, but on the other hand, the demand is only getting bigger and bigger. This discrepancy ensures that we, as installers, go in search of 'the golden egg', because once we can give a guarantee of operation, a whole market opens up for us in various fields (private homes, companies (indoors and outdoors) and temporary (site) security). Certainly in a post-COVID period, this will be a nice addition to our range.

The innovative side is also in the DNA of our company; we often want to be among the 'early adapter' market when it comes to novelties... if they work. All too often, a foreign manufacturer comes up with a very nice story/concept/product that , after thorough analysis, does not perform. Working on this concept gave us the chance to really be involved in R&D and to help shape it into what it ultimately became, based on our practical experience and the needs of the customers.

What are the advantages of a partnership with Secury360?

Jan: We have the same vision about the market and are really treated as a partner across the board. There is room for participation, feedback and consultation. This is unseen in our market in a relationship between an installer and a manufacturer. This allows us to switch quickly where necessary and we ourselves have a short chain between the product and the end customer.

Michael: The ability to combine Secury360 with any camera system to make it a highly accurate outdoor detection system makes it a good complement to other systems.  

Even in uncontrolled outdoor environments, the Secury360 still performs well. Security professionals, who are the first to analyze the various detections, help reduce false alarms.

The mobile site security sector represents a prime opportunity. The value of materials on a construction site has skyrocketed; look, for example, at the soaring price of facing bricks. And yet they are exposed on construction sites, often without any supervision. Investing in the rental of a construction site mast provides the necessary security and avoids unnecessary additional costs.

What is your feeling about the Secury360 team?

Michael: It is very pleasant to work with the Secury360 team. Feedback is solicited and our opinions are listened to. Also, our suggestions are considered and usually included. This makes the collaboration even more interesting!

What is the feedback from the customers?

Jan: The product is still "fledgling" but is well received. Unfortunately, many other concepts have gone before it that also proclaimed this 100% accuracy in detection, and because of their failures the confidence is somewhat gone and the market (rightly) skeptical. The concept cannot be conveyed and explained in 5 minutes, however, if someone is willing to invest the necessary time to get to the bottom of Secury360's story and see the working demo we will see a very enthusiastic audience. If you see it, you buy it ... we do say here in the corridors.

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