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Envisage Technology is a leading expert in CCTV security systems, specializing in advanced technologies. Their product range includes IP cameras, audio solutions and AI applications such as facial recognition. They serve security and network installation companies in the UK and Ireland with high quality products and excellent support.

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The partnership with Envisage Technology is invaluable, thanks to their advanced CCTV solutions and unparalleled support for security installers.

Envisage Technology
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Envisage Technology stands out as an expert in CCTV security systems, with a focus on breakthrough technologies. Their extensive product range includes not only high-end IP cameras and audio solutions, but also advanced AI applications such as facial recognition. As a Secury360 partner, they not only offer state-of-the-art products, but also unparalleled support for security and network installation companies in the UK and Ireland.

Envisage Technology is distinguished by a team of highly trained IT and technical professionals who offer expertise in hardware, software, IP networking and systems integration. This knowledge, combined with a wide range of products from leading brands such as Vivotek and Network Optix, makes Envisage Technology the ideal partner for Secury360.

Secury360 can rely on Envisage Technology as a trusted distributor that not only provides high-quality products, but also the know-how and support to get the most out of its security solutions. Partnering with Envisage Technology means having access to cutting-edge technologies and working closely with a company that understands and fulfills the needs of security professionals.

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When we add a new installer to our partners, they receive the proper training to install and calibrate the product.
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The first installations will be done together with our technical team. Our helpdesk is available to provide remote support.
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We provide flyers, videos and other marketing materials to give the customer the right information about our product. Every new partner also receives sales training at the beginning of our cooperation.
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We are constantly improving our software and algorithms, updates are done without the intervention of the installer and remotely.
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We focus on a limited number of quality partners per country. A clear partner programme and price is agreed here.