In this spotlight, we present our partner Dahua Technology. Dahua is a leading provider of end-to-end security solutions, systems and services. Since inception, Dahua has been committed to technological innovation, even investing 10% of annual sales in R&D. No wonder Dahua is known for its expertise in IoT video technology, machine vision and A.I. Dahua technology is a logical partner for the Secury360 proactive outdoor detection system.

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It really is like they say: standing still is going backwards, especially in today's world. You have to move forward. Linking A.I. to smart cameras, the development of the Secury360 box, you at Secury360 saw that very well.

Arnaud Lacourt, Business development manager BeLux
Arnaud Lacourt
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What was your first impression of the Secury360 concept?

When Frederick told us about the concept, it was immediately clear to us that it was highly innovative and ambitious. As with any revolutionary idea, there were serious challenges to be met. But we immediately liked the concept, and so we had confidence.

We are always looking for technologically innovative partners, and therefore wanted to be involved from the start. The Secury360 outdoor detection concept is after all open and revolutionary, and can make the whole outdoor detection segment broader and more accessible.

Do you believe the security market was looking for a solution like Secury360?

Yes, definitely. Technology is constantly changing, and this is doubly true of outdoor detection. This segment really needs innovation. Personally, I notice this enormously. It's like they say: standing still is going backwards, especially in today's world. You have to move forward. Linking A.I. to smart cameras, the development of the Secury360 box, you at Secury360 have seen that very well. And especially when you link it to our cameras.

What is your feeling about the Secury360 team?

Very dynamic, innovative. The team members know what they are doing. They are very good at meeting market demands. They certainly don't take hasty, quick decisions. They take the time to listen to the installers, but also to the end customers. It is for these reasons that Secury360 succeeds in creating an appropriate package that is expandable when the situation demands it.  

Where do you see the greatest long-term benefits?

What are the biggest advantages for us? As an innovative partner, we always want to help create innovative solutions. Our A.I. solutions and cameras that we currently have are aimed at a broad audience, and if we have partners who work on specific segments, that's great.

Our cameras are also constantly improving, and it is important that our light-sensitive and premium cameras are now entering the outdoor detection segment thanks to Secury360. Moreover, the installer partners who are active in this segment are also on board with our products.

Become a Secury360 partner yourself?

Become a partner via our partner page below.

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When we add a new installer to our partners, they receive the proper training to install and calibrate the product.
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We provide flyers, videos and other marketing materials to give the customer the right information about our product. Every new partner also receives sales training at the beginning of our cooperation.
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We are constantly improving our software and algorithms, updates are done without the intervention of the installer and remotely.
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