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At Alert they believe: security is good, prevention is better. That is why they actively think along with you and ahead and support you with advanced technology, up-to-date knowledge and expert staff. They know from experience: danger is in the details that you overlook. In everything they do, they look for early signs and prevent problems before they even occur.

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No endless options you don't need. You know very well what you're getting at Secury360. Plain and simple.

Joost Klaren
Alert Group
Joost Klaren
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Joost Klaren, director of Alert, speaking.

What was your first impression of Secury360?

Secury360 had a serious proposition and that promise is being kept. "If we as Alert get x number of false alerts per month, Secury360 is just not doing their job right." Where we take 15 seconds to verify, Secury360 takes 3 seconds. You also understand right away. Secury360 clearly states what they do, but also what they don't do.

What is the added value of Secury360 for control rooms?

Reduce the workload and add value (read: reliability) for end users. The less we have to react to reports that turn out not to be serious, the better our story is towards the end user. Then we are really of added value. Technology can filter out a lot but ultimately human intervention is still needed. That is what we do.

How did the integration go?

It took a few sessions to make our objective clear, but once clear, everything went very smoothly. Calling is easy, but Secury360 really takes action. It is a great advantage to deal directly with the developer.

What do you think of Secury360's solution compared to others?

No cure no pay. And you can do that because you focus on what you do best. There is a whole range of AI technology, Secury360 makes the difference with intrusion. You have a clear focus. In addition, the pricing model is clear. No endless options that you don't need. You know very well what you are getting. Plain and simple.

What do you think about the role of your alarm and service center with the evolution of AI in the future?

We are now very active as an emergency center. There are clear procedures to follow. In the future, we are going to be more proactive . We arrange the technology for the customer, as an expert in our field. For example, business parks say they don't want to know when things are going well but when things are going the wrong way. They want us to advise as a partner and take an active role in that. "We don't want to know when the stuff is taken away but when the stuff will be taken away." Predicting, in other words, and that's where AI is going to help us tremendously.

Become a Secury360 partner yourself?

Become a partner via our partner page below.

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When we add a new installer to our partners, they receive the proper training to install and calibrate the product.
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The first installations will be done together with our technical team. Our helpdesk is available to provide remote support.
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Sales & Marketing
We provide flyers, videos and other marketing materials to give the customer the right information about our product. Every new partner also receives sales training at the beginning of our cooperation.
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We are constantly improving our software and algorithms, updates are done without the intervention of the installer and remotely.
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We focus on a limited number of quality partners per country. A clear partner programme and price is agreed here.