Enhanced security on autopilot: Geofencing from Secury360 makes it possible

June 23, 2023

Secury360 has launched a revolutionary update to their mobile app: geofencing. This new feature takes security monitoring to new heights by integrating geolocation. Users can now automatically activate their security system when they leave the premises, providing a flawless, worry-free experience.

Customized automatic security:

Thanks to geofencing, users can say goodbye to manual activations or frantic double-checking before they leave. Using geolocation, the app detects when a user leaves the premises and automatically activates the security system. This provides a sophisticated and personalized security experience.

Seamless integration and peace of mind:

Geofencing seamlessly integrates technology and personal security. Users can be confident that their security is on autopilot when they leave the premises. With this advanced feature, Secury360 offers unparalleled peace of mind to users.

Continuous innovation:

Secury360 is constantly pushing boundaries in the security market. The introduction of geofencing is a testament to their commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that meet the evolving needs of tech-savvy end users. Geofencing offers an automated security solution that perfectly fits the modern lifestyle.

Secury360's geofencing allows users to experience a new dimension of security. This innovative feature enables automated, customized security , eliminating the need for users to worry about manually activating their security system when leaving the premises. Secury360 remains at the forefront of the security industry by constantly innovating and providing advanced solutions that address users' needs.

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