Secury360 closes new capital round

June 2, 2022

Zonhoven, Belgium, June 20 - Secury360, the Belgian start-up for AI perimeter security, will receive additional funding to accelerate the international rollout of its technology and boost the team's growth. The round is led by APIXA, Belgium's leading computer vision company, which is joined by current investors and a number of private investors. The announcement comes just weeks after Secury360 announced a partnership with Securitas BE. Thanks to this partnership, owners of a Secury360 perimeter detection system can now opt for additional video verification by Securitas' monitoring centres.

Currently, CCTV camera systems with motion detection are the most common type of perimeter detection system on the market. For the vast majority of homes, sites and terrains, these systems are the most suitable solution. However, camera detection has one major drawback: false alarms. These are not only unpleasant and costly for system owners, but also cumbersome for control rooms. By connecting the patented Secury360 box to a camera system, owners can say goodbye to false alarms once and for all. The Secury360 box, which incorporates revolutionary Edge AI, provides 99.998% accurate perimeter detection. Launched in 2019, Secury360 has industry-leading customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, and now has its sights set on the rest of Europe.

The funding round follows several major breakthroughs for Secury360. In 2020, Secury360 announced a partnership with Bosch, Dahua, Axis communications and Hikvision, making the Secury360 solution compatible with all major camera detection manufacturers. In 2021, they expanded beyond Belgium, adding Dutch industry leaders to their customer portfolio. This year, the company has continued to build on its momentum by expanding into the UK market, and also expects to gain a foothold in the DACH region.

By attracting additional capital, the company wants to continue and accelerate the international roll-out of its patented solution. For Secury360, the support from these investors is proof of how disruptive their solution really is. "I am proud that, as a Belgian company, we are transforming the way the industry looks at perimeter detection," said Frederick Jacobs, founder and CEO of Secury360. "We have already achieved some great successes, and with the support of APIXA (and others) we are ready to achieve much more."

"We regularly come into contact with promising companies using computer vision and AI," says Rik Fransens, Founder & CEO of APIXA. "But still the team, the technology and the ambitions of Secury360 stand out. We believe that with our expertise Secury360 will be able to make their AI even better and realise their ambitions to conquer the European market."

Providing the optimal security solution through strategic partnerships

Just before the financing round, Secury360 entered into a strategic partnership with Securitas BE, in the form of an integration with their control rooms. The integration with the control rooms of the world's largest security company not only enables both parties to offer the best possible total security solution to their customers. It is also a signal to the rest of the industry. "For us, the partnership shows that we embrace collaboration and disruptive technologies," said Marc van Remoortere, Operations Center Director at Securitas Belgium. For Secury360, the collaboration is a signal to the industry that they are here to stay.


About Secury360

Secury360 is a Belgian Deeptech start-up, active in the security industry. They offer a patented security solution that uses Edge & Cloud A.I. to transform any existing CCTV system into a 99.998% accurate perimeter detection solution. It does this by filtering out all the false alarms typically caused by stray animals, insects or the elements, ensuring they do not reach the control room. The result is that Secury360 system owners can enjoy the benefits of a proactive security solution, without the drawbacks.


APIXA specialises in solving challenging computer vision problems. They provide services and solutions in various areas of computer vision, including deep learning, artificial intelligence, imaging technologies, hyperspectral imaging, 3D vision, optical system design, calibration services, Edge & cloud computing and GPU processing. They are active in various industries, such as logistics, manufacturing and biotech.

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