Secury360 speaking at IFSEC

June 7, 2023

In a recent interview at IFSEC between Frederick Jacobs, the CEO of Secury360, and Patrick Mawson of Security on Screen, the conversation revolved around the breakthrough technology Secury360 uses to provide advanced security solutions. This engaging conversation shed light on Secury360's innovative approach, which combines edge AI and cloud AI, pushing the boundaries of security systems to unprecedented heights. Dive with us into the intricacies of Secury360's advanced technology and its potential to transform the security industry.

The power of edge AI

Secury360's commitment to delivering a revolutionary security solution begins with the implementation of edge AI. Unlike traditional systems that rely solely on cloud processing, Secury360's technology brings AI capabilities directly to the cameras, which are deployed in the field. Using edge AI, these cameras gain real-time intelligence, allowing them to identify potential threats, detect anomalies and even respond proactively.

The integration of edge AI significantly improves the responsiveness and efficiency of security systems. With processing on the Secury360 box, Secury360's solutions reduce reliance on constant Internet connectivity and minimize latency, allowing threats to be detected quickly and reliably. This not only enables real-time monitoring, but also allows for immediate action when a security breach is detected, effectively mitigating potential risks.

Cloud AI, the brains of technology

Although edge AI serves as the first line of defense, Secury360's technology does not stop there. Secury360 is using the power of cloud AI to expand the capabilities of its security systems. By leveraging the vast computing power available in the cloud, Secury360 can collect data from multiple cameras and generate comprehensive insights.

Cloud AI allows Secury360 to analyze vast amounts of data, enabling deep learning and training of its algorithms . By constantly refining and improving the accuracy of its models, Secury360 ensures its systems adapt to changing environments and emerging threats. The combination of edge AI and cloud AI offers the best of both worlds: real-time processing on the edge and robust analysis in the cloud.

Benefits of Secury360's technology

Secury360's unique approach offers several distinct advantages over conventional solutions:

1. Fast response time: The integration of AI at the edge minimizes false alerts and enables immediate detection and response to security threats.

2. Increased reliability: By decentralizing AI capabilities to peripheral devices, Secury360 systems maintain functionality even if the Internet goes down or the connection is interrupted.

3. Continuous improvement: Cloud AI allows Secury360 to continuously train and refine its algorithms, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and adaptability.

4. Cost-effective: By performing AI processing on the edge, Secury360 optimizes bandwidth usage and reduces the need for extensive cloud infrastructure, resulting in cost savings for businesses.

Secury360 in the future

With its innovative blend of edge AI and cloud AI, Secury360 is spearheading the transformation of the security industry. As technology advances and security risks evolve, the demand for intelligent and responsive systems will only increase. Secury360's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in security solutions places them at the forefront of this exciting evolution.

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